Our Fee for Limited Liability Partnership Setup

Limited Liability Partnership Setup

  •  *FOC Name Search Application
  • Our work scope for LLP setup service includes the following:

    • Advise and render assistant on registration of Compliance Officer and your LLP vide MyLLP Portal.
    • Give guidance to the Partner who acts as Compliance Office to activate MyLLP account at SSM Office.
    • Conduct name check for availability of LLP name. RM30 per name search application.
    • Free of charge one (1) name search application.
    • File Name Search Application and reserve the approved name.
    • Appointment for two (2) LLP partners.
    • Registration fee of RM500.00 payable to SSM.
    • Prepare and submit Registration documentations for LLP.
    • Drafting of standard Partnership Agreement subject to an extra fee of RM800 (optional).
    • Stamp duty for two (2) sets of Partnership Agreement payable to Stamping Office (if Partnership Agreement is drafted)
    • Prepare resolution to open one LLP bank account.
    • Corporate Information Report
    • LLP Certificate of Registration from SSM.
    • Printing & stationery, traveling expenses, telephone and other out-of-pocket expenses.
    • Consultation and advisory services for LLP registration.
    • Professional advice on statutory and /accounting matters.
    • Ensure compliance on LLP under the LLP Act.
    • Keep inform or update via email or call on compliance matters.
  • Steps to Register a LLP

    Registration of LLP will take about 4 working days or less provided no system disruption occur during the submission of registration documents to MyLLP Portal.

    1. You are required to fill up LLP Registration Form or email the required information to us.
    2. We will check the availability of the LLP proposed name and revert to you soonest possible.
    3. We will then assist the partner(s) who is acting as Compliance Officer to register an account with MyLLP Portal upon full payment of LLP setup fee is paid.
    4. Partner who acted as Compliance Officer is required to present at SSM office to verify and activate the account for accessing MyLLP Portal.
    5. Upon account activation, we will then submit the name search application for approval via MyLLP Portal.
    6. Once the approval of proposed name is obtained from SSM, we will proceed to prepare the complete set of registration documents.
    7. Thereafter arrange documents be signed by all partners and compliance officer. Documents will not be witnessed by us provided it is signed in the presence of us.
    8. Submission for registration of LLP will then proceed to SSM.
    9. Arrange LLP agreement to be stamped at Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri.
    10. SSM issue digital LLP Certificate of Registration.
    11. Upon LLP registered, a complete set document will be emailed to you such as a digital copy of LLP certificate of registration, corporate information report and other documents.

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