Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership Registration

We are the professional which could help you to register a Limited Liability Partnership in Malaysia without causing you a hassle. Reserve your time for more important decision making and save you lots of time. Prior to the setting up registration of LLP in Malaysia, we will give our professional advice and consultancy in registration your LLP.

Precisely, LLP is an alternative business vehicle to carry out business which combines characteristics of a private limited company and a conventional partnership. LLP provides limited liability to LLP partners in Malaysia and offers flexibility in internal management through an LLP agreement between the partners.

  • Understand the details to register LLP in Malaysia

    Proposed LLP Name

    • Approval of proposed LLP name is required to obtain from SSM.

    LLP Partners

    • Minimum 2 partners and no limit for the maximum number of partners.
    • The composition of partners could be natural individuals or bodies corporate or a combination of individual and bodies corporate.
    • Partners may not necessary to have a principal or only place of residence in Malaysia.

    LLP Compliance Officer

    • It is mandatory for LLP to appoint at least one compliance officer.
    • The compliance officer must be one of the partners of LLP or a person qualified to act as a secretary under the Companies Act.
    • The compliance officer must be at least 18 years old and a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia
    • The compliance officer must ordinarily reside in Malaysia.

    LLP Registered Address

    • It is a statutory requirement for LLP to have a registered address in Malaysia to which all communications and notices may be addressed.
    • The registered office can be at a residential or commercial except post office box.

    LLP Taxation

    • Income from LLP will be taxed at the LLP level.
    • LLP who has resident status in Malaysia and with a capital contribution of RM2.5 million and less will enjoy a lower tax rate of 19% for the first RM500,000 of its chargeable income.

    For more details, please check Taxation for LLP.

    LLP Partnership Agreement

    • The mutual rights and duties of an LLP Partners and the mutual rights and duties of the LLP and its Partners shall be governed by the LLP Partnership Agreement.
    • In the absence of agreement as to any matter set out in the Second Schedule of the LLP Act 2012, provisions of Second Schedule relating to that matter shall apply.
  • Information require for Registration a LLP in Malaysia

    An LLP may be registered by an application made to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) by furnishing the following information:-

    • Name of the proposed LLP
    • General nature of the proposed business of the LLP
    • Proposed registered office of the LLP
    • Name and details of every person who is to be a partner of the LLP
    • Name and details of compliance officer(s) of the LLP
    • If the LLP is formed for the purposes of carrying on any professional practice, the application shall be accompanied by an approval letter from the governing body as specified in the third column of the First Schedule of the LLP Act 2012
  • Documents that need to be furnished to us areas follow:

    Malaysian Residents

    Copy of Malaysia identity card

    Foreigners (Non-Malaysian)

    Copy of Passport. Any other documents that proof you reside in Malaysia or overseas.

    Corporate Shareholder

    Copy of registration documents such as Certificate of Incorporation or Registration Certificate and other related forms depending on the types of corporate shareholder.


    If any of the above documents are in languages other than Malay or English, a certified translation of such documents in Malay or English shall be required.

  • Timeline for Registration of LLP

    Registration of LLP will usually take 4 working days as it’s subject to the availability of MyLLP Portal for registration.

  • Procedure for Registration of LLP

    Step 1: Make Reservation for your proposed LLP Name

    Name search Application will first need to be filled up and submit to SSM to get approval. SSM will then notify us their decision on the proposed name through email.

    For name search application for professional practice, the application shall be accompanied by an approval letter from the governing body. As for this, a longer time will be taken for name search approval.

    The approved name is reserved for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of approval date by SSM.

    Criteria to choose a proposed name

    • Name must be different from an existing LLP names.
    • Name that does not infringe on any trademarks.
    • Name that does not contain dirty, obscene or rude words.
    • Name that is not reserved.

    Step 2: Register LLP

    Upon name approval of LLP name, we will proceed with registration of LLP.  A registration fee of RM500 is included is included in our LLP Setup Packages. Full payment needs to be paid before commencement of name search application.

    Step 3: Application for Certificate of Registration & Business Profile Certificate of Registration

    SSM will notify us the status of the LLP registration through an email. Upon the LLP is successfully incorporated, SSM will assign the LLP with an LP registration number. A digital Registration Certificate will also email to you.

  • Business Profile

    We will then arrange to purchase a Business Profile for your LLP. The LLP corporate information report contains the following information:

    • Name of LLP and registration number
    • Previous names for the company, if any
    • Registration date
    • Nature of business
    • Registered address
    • Address of place of business
    • Partners details
    • Compliance Officer details

    With the Certificate of Registration and Business Profile, you may start your business anytime and proceed with all legal and contractual tasks you need to perform in Malaysia such as open a bank account, rent office space, register a phone and Internet accounts.

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